Whoa 2.0- The Best Collection of Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Presenter: Kim Woodard

Regardless of whether you understand the difference between a widget and a weblog, Web 2.0 is here to stay. Every day, our students are more involved with Web 2.0 technology such as wikis, blogs, social networking, and other applications, devices, and programs. The following resources will give you an idea of the tools that are available to teachers and students to enhance learning and turn Web 2.0 into Classroom 2.0.

These links are available from the session at Tech Fusion at Haughton Middle School in Haughton, Louisiana.

Workshop Resources

You can access the most recent Whoa 2.0 workshop resources below. Make sure and contact us directly if you reuse any of our materials.

Web Tools mentioned and not mentioned in the above presentation:

Organization and Collaboration
Thinkature- real time collaboration with colleagues and students.
Flikr- share and store classroom images
Diigo- tag, highlight, and bookmark favorite sites
PBwiki- easy to update wiki
del.icio.us- save, tag, and share your favorite sites
Clipmarks- clip little pieces of the web and share with the class
Wizlite- collaborative page highlighting
Netvibes- class start page of useful resources
Gliffy- create and share flowcharts and diagrams
Notecentric- share and store class notes

School Search Engines


Google Stuff


Education Learning